2021 At The Half: Trends, Insights, What’s Ahead
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Featured Speakers:
Shawn O’Brien, President, QwickRate
David Ruffin, Principal, IntelliCredit

Is more of the same a good thing, or a bad one? What factors and decisions are driving strong bank performances, and which present more challenges? Is “It’s uncertain” the only answer available? Gain greater clarity on these questions and more as we dive into 2Q community banking trends and review what we believe 2021 will bring. We’ll discuss the credit losses still on the horizon, when they might emerge, and if current reserves will suffice . . . concerns about a looming shift in the regulatory atmosphere . . . the growth in M&As and new competitors . . . and where to focus comparisons of your bank to peers (and the nation) as you navigate the six months ahead.

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