Readiness Tool

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CECL Readiness Tool

  • Modeled specifically for Community Banks
  • Do-it-yourself – consultants not needed
  • Provides the initial measurement of expected losses that regulators require
  • Huge help for banks, since no Interagency tool exists to estimate CECL
  • Estimated QwickAnalytics CECL amount may be entered as an assumption in new Interagency tool for estimating impact on Capital Ratios
  • Simply edit the report to customize
  • Unbeatable value! You’ll have FREE access to ALL QwickAnalytics tools, plus the CECL Readiness tool!

From recent joint Webinar:

“... for smaller, less complex community banks, complex modeling techniques are not required, and simple practical methods should work.”

CECL Webinar for Bankers: Practical Examples of How Smaller, Less Complex Community Banks Can Implement CECL (by FDIC, FRB with the CSBS, the FASB, and SEC) February 27, 2018

The QwickAnalytics CECL Readiness Tool makes it simple and easy to meet the requirements. Request your free trial NOW.

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